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The Reform Era

His profound studies in law and medicine led him to apply the application of chemical developers for the detection of hidden wounds, entomological analyzes , life-size drawings of the bodies found at the crime scene, classification of labeling of tests, preservation of limbs. These have been texts of a great importance in many universities until almost the end of the 19th century. His main contribution is his book " His Yuan " addressed methods to be utilized in the investigation of suspicious deaths.

A Reader in Nineteenth-Century Chinese History

The Corpses Readers, after completing the university degrees of doctor and judge, were an elite of super-judges, capable not only of investigating clues and traces but also of unraveling the secrets hidden beneath the wounds of the dead. As a result of a failure in the interpretation of the forensic evidence, a misdiagnosed was given, they could be severely punished.

The book is about a forensic elite who, even at the risk of their own lives, had a mandate that no criminal should go unpunished.

Inspired by a real character, The Corpse Reader tells the story of a young man of humble origin who rises to high position. Most of the novel takes place the Imperial Court.

Unreliable evidence and the South China Sea problem

The conference that immediately caught his interest was about the latest advances in spectrophotometers, the advantages on the field of mitochondrial DNA analysis and focused on the historical beginnings of forensic discipline. Also, Ci's desire to change an obsolete criminal investigation system based on superstition and spiritualism , through the use of pioneering scientific methods.

But, above all, and despite the terrible risks run by those who contravened established norms, his determination to make justice prevail.

The documentation period was twelve months longer to gather information in the political, cultural, social, judicial, economic, religious, military and sexual fields, together with exhaustive references in the fields of medicine, education, architecture, food , furniture, clothing, measurement systems, currency, state organization and bureaucracy in medieval China of the Song Dynasty. Garrido attended to an autopsy accompanied by Dr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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What is New Sinology? – China Heritage

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Oh, and One More Thing…

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This section is in list format, but may read better as prose. You can help by converting this section , if appropriate. Editing help is available. Like other graded readers, the main bulk of the series consists of lots of stories.

However, what really stands out for this series is that, while it has many stories, these are excellent story choices for foreigners. Not bad for a leisurely reading session. With the brilliant artwork, level appropriate stories, dedicated Chinese Grammar Wiki pages, and availability in both simplified and traditional Chinese characters, we believe Mandarin Companion is the best series for Chinese learners who want to expand their Chinese proficiency through reading. As you can see, these have a much heavier Chinese flavour than the two series.

Key Features

Coupled with MP3 recordings, the Graded Chinese Reader series is great for Chinese learners who really want to challenge themselves with some advanced, but guided reading material. An excellent choice for upper intermediate to advanced learners who really want to challenge their Chinese reading ability with higher level prose.

Out of all the Chinese Readers presented here, this might be the most challenging series yet. Coupled with comprehensive annotations to explain words, and cultural aspects of these works, this series is excellent for the advanced Chinese learner with ample Chinese reading experience, who wants to further their Chinese proficiency by reading contemporary prose.

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A Chinese History Reader A Chinese History Reader
A Chinese History Reader A Chinese History Reader
A Chinese History Reader A Chinese History Reader
A Chinese History Reader A Chinese History Reader
A Chinese History Reader A Chinese History Reader

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