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Brad Thomas, Jr. Secretary M. Aircraft is SIN , Mfg. SIN Photo by Frank Strnad. See story on page 4.

William T. Thomas, Jr. Photo Collection. Straight and Level By Brad Thomas. By Al Kelch. EM's Ford Trimotor. By George Hardie, Jr. Mystery Plane. Mike Drabik - Sky Pioneer.. Calendar of Events Borden's Aeroplane Posters From The 's Roy Redman Rt.

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The first machine was quite crude with a wooden hull and the top deck covered with canvas, powered with a 6 cylinder 90 hp Austro-Daimler engine. Along with the flying boats, several interesting types developed. A two place nacelle type pusher biplane, and a three place version of the same airplane, both powered by 4 AUGUST In addition, a single place monoplane, reminiscent of the Bleriot was flown using a 40 hp Maxi-motor.

This Thomas monoplane proved unsuitable for exhibition work. It was about this time another Mr. Douglas Thomas became the Chief Engineer and airplane designer.

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He had an excellent background, having previously worked as assistant aircraft designer for Vickers Ltd. Much earlier Thomas hydroplane with 90 hp Austro Daimler engine. Through similar circumstance, he also worked for Glenn Curtiss where he assisted in the designing of the famous Curtiss Model J tractor and the famous Jenny.

He also took part with Lt. On being employed by the Thomas Bros. Airplane Co. The model was designated T2 and was similar to the Model J Curtiss, except for the addition of two nose skids and the 90 hp Austro-Daimler engine. It had a top speed of 83 mph and could climb feet in 10 minutes, carrying a pound load. Metal hulled Thomas hydroplane with 90 hp Austro Daimler engine. Fuel tank was located on top of wing. This coupled with the cold weather ability to fly from the ice, resulted in an ideal location. Shortly after the move to Ithaca, B. This was.

Morris Chain Co. Board Room group. Morris, W. Thomas was no relation to W. Further development in resulted in production of the SH4 Seaplane and 15 were built for the U. Side profile of assembled Thomas Aero Motor. The hand crank was preferred to swinging the prop on a geared two to one engine.

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Note the ailerons were employed up top wing only. Exhaust stacks rose from top of engine and were attached to pipe which wrapped around both sides of fuselage. This plane was possibly a Model Navy In about , powered with a hp Sturtevant engine. Thus the final name that is so well known It's been a long road and there still is a long way to go but progress is being made. Through a generous donation from the R. The next step is to restore the wing center section and install it in preparation for mounting the landing gear. Then the section will be reskinned and made ready to install on the fuselage.

Aero has a three-roll slip roller and has agreed to form them for us.

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The original gear is OK except for one drag link and we have a replacement for that. All three engines need work. The floor boards are. New cockpit seats will have to be made. We want to complete the cockpit area as near to the original configuration as possible. Ford used. Ford made much of the Alclad name - it was really a.

Over the years this had worn away and our airplane had been painted. I'm thinking of using Nevada Silver Alumithane, a two-part polyurethane paint used on semi-trailers. The wing center section with skin removed to examine for corrosion and needed replacement parts. Photo by Jack Cox. Tom Soerens drills out rivets in a spare aileron to remove Photo by Marian Cavadias the skin to examine the interior.

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Then we'll work on the outer wing panels. Supplies are limited, so this will soon become a collector's item. The booklet con-. Help save this great airplane - this priceless link in aviation history for the enjoyment of this and future generations. Contributions are tax deductible. Kal-Aero, Inc.

Airplane Design 8 vol Airplane Design 8 vol
Airplane Design 8 vol Airplane Design 8 vol
Airplane Design 8 vol Airplane Design 8 vol
Airplane Design 8 vol Airplane Design 8 vol
Airplane Design 8 vol Airplane Design 8 vol

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