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Rich Dad Poor Dad (Marathi)

Outside of its initial framing, the film adheres to a nonlinear logic; documentation is suffused with qualities of remembrance and fantasy. A mixing of film stocks adds to this perception of disjunctive timeframes. A grainier, high-speed color stock is used for the final nighttime sequence, accentuating the juxtaposition of exterior and interior scenes visually and temporally.

We see his mother at the kitchen window backlit by artificial light. That spell has been broken by the domestic setting. Here we see black-and-white images of planes dropping bombs, connecting football to war, re-photographed off a television monitor. A sense of despair, claustrophobia, and unease attends this final passage. Returning home also entails a reminder of what one needed to leave in the first place.

At the time, Dorsky was living in Manhattan, a minute train ride away, and attending film courses at New York University. More accurately, it seems fitting that Dorsky would cast his eye on the male homosocial sphere of football, with its regiment of intimate male contact, as subject matter. I was crazy about it. I mean, in the fall. You only played football in the fall, and you only played baseball in the spring. I loved playing touch football, but I was never on the level that I would want to play varsity high school football. In fact, I was in the marching band.

So I did go to all of the football games, as a band member.

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In eschewing the bombastic music most commonly associated with high school and college football — that of the percussive, upbeat marching band — for a solo performance of elegiac, non-Western music, Dorsky heightens his idiosyncratic presentation of this American game. A Fall Trip Home is also notable in the way that it anticipates formal advancements in sports media language. The grainy texture of 16mm and the vibrant, high-contrast range of Kodachrome reversal convey a sense of romanticism and nostalgia.

Male bodies are captured on film, slowed down, studied, but also obscured under layers of superimposition. At the same time, it highlights — and savors — the homosocial conditions that football creates. Homosociality provides an important context for understanding what goes on when men watch other men perform in the sporting arena. Football, through its enforcement of homosocial but often homophobic behavior, adherence to male authority, and suppression of individual speech, teaches patriarchal thinking and practice.

Recent Devotions:

The consequences are considerable. Thomas P. James L. For most of my life my films have been the marriage of external circumstances as seen through the needs of my own psyche.

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There is no other plan as such. I would like to use the rare opportunity of this lecture format to world premiere two of these intimate works as original Kodachrome , each quite different from the other. They are made up of outtakes from decades of shooting 16mm Kodachrome. Nathaniel will twice present four new films that surround the Arboretum Cycle.

Screenings are at the Anthology Film Archives, normal admission. The Dreamer.

The weeks and days preceding the solstice were magically alive with crisp, cool breezes, bright, warm sunlight, and a general sense of heartbreaking clarity. The Dreamer is born out of this most poignant San Francisco spring. I photographed Calyx during the rather tense twenty-one days preceding my open heart surgery to replace an aortic valve and then shipped the footage off to the lab the day before my operation. I edited the twenty one rolls about three weeks after coming home from a rather dramatic nine days in the hospital. I hope this little film captures some of the feelings of dread mixed with an elegiac feeling for our world.

Calyx is the husk surrounding the tender bud of a soon to be flower. Colophon for the Arboretum Cycle has three sections. It is in the spirit of the early Chinese landscape colophons, a text added to the horizontal scroll at a later date from when the landscape itself was enacted.

Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition

Colophon was not made to be shown along with the Arboretum Cycle, but a new thing, a spring later, a different maker, so to speak. The title Apricity refers to the warmth of the sun in winter. For example, in Mr L.

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    Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition
    Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition
    Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition
    Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition
    Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition
    Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition
    Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition
    Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition Devotional Cinema 2nd Edition

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