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They sinned repeatedly in their rebellion. See, Judges ; Ezekiel 16, They received the curses appropriate to their rebellion.

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Jeremiah ; Micah ; Amos Israel was judged by the words God had spoken and they had taken upon themselves. John ; ; Rom.

God is love

Nevertheless, God was patient with Israel, protecting them for the sake of his covenant for some time after they had collectively rejected him and sending prophets to warn them of the consequences of their way. Zechariah However, because Israel had the right to choose who they would serve, after patiently warning them, God withdrew part of his unwanted protection and let them bear judgment.

Jeremiah ; Hosea Nevertheless, God never withdrew all of his protection. He always preserved a remnant who served him out of Israel. Isaiah , , ; Romans He never ceased pursuing Israel, seeking to win the heart of his unfaithful bride. Hosea ; Jeremiah 3. He always restored Israel after their times of judgment, and always will. God keeps his covenant of love with Israel to this day.

Isaiah ; Jeremiah To the Church, and to people of the present age, God plainly reveals himself as the God who has loved his people since before the foundation of the world and therefore lives not just among them, as was true of Israel, but within them.

Jesus stated this when he prayed:. God's love is revealed to us and to the world by Jesus, who gave himself for us, dying for our sins so that anyone who believes in him may be saved. God's love is also revealed to us and to the world in the way the natural world which he created provides for human needs in spite of human sins. Matthew God reveals his love to the world in our love for each other.

God's love is revealed to us because he has made us his children. I John Because of his great love for us, God made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in our transgressions. Ephesians God's love is revealed to us -- we know that we live in him and he in us -- because he gave us his Spirit. John ; I John ; Romans God pours out his love in our hearts through his Spirit which lives in us. Romans God's love in our hearts produces peace, joy, hope, confidence in God and freedom from fear 6. John ; I John ; Galatians , Because of his love, God gives us eternal encouragement and good hope and strengthens us to do every good work.

He directs our hearts into his love and perfects his love in us.

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It is God's desire to live through us, that Christ may be seen in us. Galatians ; Colossians God desires more than merely that we comply with his written instructions, as was his requirement in Old Testament times; rather, now God desires that his Son live through us in a way so intimate that it is described as eating his flesh and drinking his blood.

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John God's love is also made obvious to us in that, through his Son, God graciously gives us all things. The love of God for us is also shown by his promise to do anything we ask in Jesus name 7. God's love is also revealed to us in his discipline and correction of us as his children. Hebrews An impeccable being that sins is like a married bachelor; it's logically impossible.

Even an all-powerful being can't do the logically impossible. So, unless an impeccable being is impossible, and I see no reason to think it is, then to define 'all-powerful' in a logically coherent manner, we have to accept that an all-powerful being can't make an impeccable being sin. But if this is true when considered in separate beings, it's true when considered within the one being too, i.

God as both all-powerful and impeccable.

First of all, God‘s love for us is not based on anything in us.

Therefore, the fact that God can't sin isn't a problem for Him being all-powerful. God can be both without contradiction. And since God being the standard of goodness is greater than Him just happening to be good by some standard external to Himself, God is the Good, which entails that He is impeccable, since the transcendent standard of goodness cannot itself fail to be good, or it wouldn't be the standard of goodness. Russell N. US July 20th, Thanks Shaun. I especially like how God let the ancient Jews in the Old Testament know about His love for them in Deuteronomy The O.

I especially love Romans "For God commendeth [showed, proved] His love for us, in while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Who wouldn't want to love a God like this?! Yet people reject God by the millions. No wonder Jesus wept over Jerusalem before He went to the cross. And very unwise people do the very same thing today. Noel O. AU July 20th, God also chose NOT to allow the fallen angels to repent and be saved. In fact, hell was created for the fallen angels, not for mankind.

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FI July 20th, This article is a great example of someone knocking the door and the door being opened. One can not separate a beings nature from the being. I have an inherited sin nature for example and that's precisely the answer to the question: what am I like in my own flesh, and that's why I need Christ!

Thank you CMI! North N. I am a Christian, but I seem to ask tricky questions. If God is loving by nature, what made God's nature? If it was always, then is good the objective nature of God's eternally? If so, what reason would God have to be this thing you and I call good eternally? If God chose to become good and made it part of His nature, how did He do it? Did He create a sense of good and bad or did He just choose a way of action which He would say is good rather than bad? In the beginning God said let there be light, He called the light good.

Why did God call the light good? What properties of light make it better than darkness. Did God choose light to be good or was there something of its characteristics that caused it to be good? Why does God "see" something as good? If something is objectively good, would it not be eternally good? In other words, if even good is truly good, would it not have to be eternal? Is God relative in truth or Objective? If He is relative then all truth is only determined by God and God chooses it to be good or bad which would seem to be when God saw the light in Genesis to be good. If He is objective, then the truth must be eternal which seems to make no sense because truth must only be governed by God like when Moses issued the certificate of divorce which would be a change in God's plan.

This seems confusing if God was eternally anything, so how can God therefore in any characteristic be eternal?


He would seem to have made Himself what He is and then had a beginning at one point in time. I am younger in age and I do ask lots of questions, sometimes I overthink things, but this seems to be a philosophical argument that needs a good solution. Shaun Doyle July 22nd, Many of these questions you'll find answered on our website. On God's eternity, please see Who created God? Colin N. GB July 20th, I wonder if we can go further and suggest that a perfectly loving and perfectly logical God might be obligated to maximise love.

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There is no greater way of demonstrating love than dying for someone. So perhaps God allowed a situation where we need a Saviour to die for us, because only in that way can He most fully demonstrate His love. And our jeopardy on account of sin also has to be real, not limited by God somehow being constrained to show mercy at the end in any event, because only thus can we be forgiven much and accordingly love much in return Luke I suggest something similar here: Why did God allow sin at all? Mitch C. It is important to remember that God's love is a righteous love.

He would not be loving to endorse or to love sin or rebellion. That is why hell exists--because to love what is right and good means that He must hate what is contrary to whatever is right and good. To put it another way, God's supreme attribute is His holiness, which is the only attribute that is expressed in scripture using the superlative "Holy, Holy, Holy" Isaiah ; Revelation In comparison, Scripture never says God is "love, love, love" or "mercy, mercy, mercy".

As you showed from Romans , God's display of mercy to sinful humans is a sovereign choice to be merciful--to show mercy to whomever He wishes. He is not required to be merciful to any sinner, and His love is equally satisfied in either a punishing the sinner in hell for his sins thus satisfying God's love for righteousness or b punishing His dearly-beloved Son, Jesus, on the cross to save the sinner from his sins which also satisfies God's love for righteousness, since the penalty for sin is borne for us by Christ.

God Is Love God Is Love
God Is Love God Is Love
God Is Love God Is Love
God Is Love God Is Love
God Is Love God Is Love
God Is Love God Is Love

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