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Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book
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Meanwhile, Sarah Karp Ward debated which fictional woman embodies her inner suburban mom. And one male Twitter user wrote that he is a 'slayful combination of Pam and Helen'. Fictional moms: While 'Helen' is the president of the Neighborhood Association, Jillian 'has 50 kids' and 'just wants to take a nap'.

The meme has become so popular that some have been inspired to create their own suburban mom personas. According to Lynne, her mom drinks beer and black coffee, has dance parties with her kid to Devo and Skrillex, and will whip out her phone to find answers to questions like, 'Do spiders poop?

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Rikki Shepherd added: 'I'm a Rikki. I'm the mom who hates mini vans. Protective: Elyse Sanchese insisted that she is a Helen 'hands down' as she warns people not to mess with her kids. Second thought: Sarah Karp Ward admitted that she would like to think she is a Carol, but in reality she is a Sharon. Not a regular mom: This Twitter user insists he is a 'slayful combination' of Pam and Helen.

Best of both worlds? Another Twitter user said that although she is mostly Helen, a quarter of her is just like Pam. She went on to admit that she will eat her kids' candy and then help them look for it the next day. And while many people are having a blast naming their personas or creating their own, there are at least a few people who are less than thrilled with the meme. Although the characters are fake, the pictures posted next to their names are the images of actual mom bloggers,.

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Shannon Gurnee, whose image was used to portray Pam in the meme, took to her blog The Mommy Files to reveal that her photo was used without her permission. Not in this case. Not only was my picture stolen, it was put into a meme that people actually think is funny. Next level: The meme inspired some women to create their own motherly personas and share them on social media.

Detailed description: Rikki Shepherd said her suburban mom personal 'hates mini vans' and steals her kids' candy. These are real women. Not just stock images. I spoke with a few of the bloggers on here and neither of them gave permission to have their photos used either. Meanwhile, Shannon A. White, whose photo was used to portray Jillian, told Buzzfeed that she is also upset that her picture has been used in the meme. Shannon explained that she is a blogger, a Presbyterian pastor, an author and a national speaker, and unlike Jillian who has '50 kids', she only has one child.

Shannon A. The tongue-in-cheek meme of a woman having 50 children, and most certainly needing and deserving a nap. Women who have multiple children should not be made fun of as something women do not want to aspire to. As a human being I appreciate the value of diverse opinions, but there are plenty of other places online where you can encounter someone who disagrees with your fundamental beliefs. A member can safely discuss controversial issues without fearing they will be shouted down. Real-life ties are key. Every single member of the group knows at least one other member in real life, and almost everyone knows me.

This dynamic discourages drive-by rudeness and unnecessary mean-spiritedness. The web is too tight to just randomly pick on people, and everyone practices discretion. There are a lot of other wonderful women I know who would be great in the group, but the balance is as delicate as a Jenga tower, mid-game.

Sometimes I take the weekend off social media and come back without catching up on everything that was said while I was gone. The benefit of my knowing most people in the group in real life is that if something truly insane happened and I needed to take action, someone would reach out to me. Occasionally, I have dropped a lighthearted note to remind members that our experiences are all different — not everyone has given birth in a hospital, or is married to a man or gave birth to her child — to avoid making people feel alienated.

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Allow people the right to contradictions. We can talk about what is bothering us in the moment without feeling compelled to make it seem consistent with other aspects of our lives, without having to acknowledge privilege or address the happy-family facades we maintain elsewhere online which we all heart and comment lovingly on.

Encourage a mix of topics and tones. We unabashedly celebrate food, books, television, great clothes and baby butts.

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The discussion flips from heavy to light, sometimes concurrently. Nobody polices who weighs in on what i.

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Making light of ourselves, our partners, our children, sexuality, politics, family life, the culture of motherhood — often in the form of gifs — is what keeps the group fun and not just a dumping ground for our woes. Let participation be optional.

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  • No one is expected to participate in any specific way. There are real-life meetups, but attendance is not mandatory.

    Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book
    Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book
    Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book
    Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book
    Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book

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