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One morning I found bear stool and signs of where the monster had taken a can of frozen milk and squeezed it in his paws and bit it with one sharp tooth trying to suck out the paste. One morning I find bear stool and signs of where the unseen monster had taken cans of frozen hardened can-milk and squeezed it in his apocalyptical paws and bit with one insane sharp tooth in, trying to suck out the sour paste—Never seen, and in the foggy dusk I sit and look down the mysterious Ridge of Starvation with its fog-lost firs and humping-into-invisibility hills, and the fog-wind blowing by like a faint blizzard, and somewhere in that Zen Mystery Fog stalks the Bear The truth is that he was a good, trapped writer.

Simenon could say no more. It was fundamental to the wide loop of his work that his writing help create the people he would write about. In that staked and surveyed area, he was often markedly successful: his pictures of himself and his beat buddies are always convincing and sometimes even wise. But in the larger scene of real life necessarily trapped in the net of his travels, he could be dangerous and embarrassing.

Reconsidering Grading Students on Class Participation

No sympathetic woman appears in the Kerouac canon. Homosexuals are figures of fun.

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Travel we know to be the governing metaphor: nothing here, nothing there, everything to be found along the line between. The same wisdom is shared with the wailing saxophone, the chanting poet, and the speeding car: GO!

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The idea that literature is to be found in an undifferentiated record of aimless travel was lynched by Easy Rider if not before. And the jazzwine-poem-pot-and-hiballing fast freight exuberances of Road and Bums is just, 15 years later, the source of a sad and knowing smile. But Kerouac knew it first. God how old we get and some of us go mad and everything changes viciously. Yet the commonplace is his incessant subject, for there are few things more predictable or ordinary than an accredited Bohemia.

Reconsidering Read-Aloud

Which is not to say unwelcome. If Kerouac and his friends hoped to blow the whistle on all this, they must have been disappointed; the world they raged against was more than big enough to bury them with praise.

THE GRUFFALO by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud For Children

Only Ginsberg has survived, made the harrowing transition from bard to guru. Counter what? It would be an interesting task for another time to determine whether hippie is the fulfillment or betrayal of Beat. One of his strangest publications is the Book of Dreams , which is peddled as the substrata of his fictions, but which in fact suggests a whole new line of thought, far more political.

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Next to and below Lish, I group the authors with whom he has some association; namely, those he has edited or taught. I stagger these authors beginning with those who I most primarily associate with his influence Amy Hempel, Diane Williams , which then tends to diminish in immediacy as they physically shift away Sam Lipsyte, Gary Lutz.

  • Reconsidering Read-aloud.
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  • Other authors Lish had worked with Don Delillo, Cynthia Ozick, Cormac McCarthy may fit on another shelf entirely, as in some way they feel more of a wholly other field. The feel is the most important thing—the private logic and the larger texture of their tone. In some ways, placing a book I have recently finished reading into its place in the system feels even more fulfilling than the turning of the last page. Book lovers grow up to be lifelong readers and thus lifelong learners, Mik.

    I wish that love of books were part of the assessment that is done to determine reading achievement. Those are the lovely moments that recharge my teaching batteries, Jacquie.

    Thanks for sharing WITH us. Thank you! The kids can absolutely tell that you love it. That demonstration of delight in reading for them is another wonderful lesson, Anya. Thanks for sharing. Thank you for pointing out these important differences! Felling a time crunch, teachers too often read TO children or skip it altogether.

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    What a great point, Annette. Thanks for that bit of wisdom! Patricia Quink January 7, at pm.

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