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Return to Book Page. Cary Fagan began his literary career writing short stories, and now, after five novels, he returns to his first love. A woman leaves her husband, a retired judge, when he refuses to give up his passion for performing as a magician "The Floating Wife". A young man exiled from the downtown arts scene finds himself living in the suburbs in a community of new immigrants "Shit Cary Fagan began his literary career writing short stories, and now, after five novels, he returns to his first love. A young man exiled from the downtown arts scene finds himself living in the suburbs in a community of new immigrants "Shit Box".

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A widow moves to New York to confront the woman who was her late husband's mistress "The Brooklyn Revenge". A bank manager in a bad situation turns to his childhood obsession with Jane Goodall for inspiration "My Life Among the Apes". Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Scotiabank Giller Prize Nominee Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about My Life Among the Apes , please sign up.

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Be the first to ask a question about My Life Among the Apes. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 08, Storyheart rated it really liked it Shelves: canlit , great-storytelling , humour , touching-books. It's been a long time since I enjoyed an entire collection of short stories so much. Fagan's prose which reminds me of another favourite author, Robertson Davies is beautiful and his stories a wonderful blend of funny, sad and touching.

I can't wait to read more by this author. View all 3 comments. Sep 11, Aaron Typographical Era rated it really liked it Shelves: , nook , giller Cary Fagan was robbed. Of course when the Giller longlist of thirteen titles was announced less than a month ago I was delighted to see not one, but two short story collections get recognition.

At the same time however I realized there was no realistic way both of them could make it into the final five because traditionally collections of this type are a tough sell. Congratulations to Russell Wangersky for being the one to make the cut.

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View all 4 comments. Apr 14, Doriana Bisegna rated it really liked it.

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Each of his stories are so different and unique, the characters are quirky and relatable I now know what they mean when they say writing short stories is much harder than writing a novel! These writers must need quite an imagination to think of all these different storylines, characters, beginnings and endings.

Quite a feat and one that I greatly appreciated! Sep 09, Daniel Kukwa rated it it was amazing Shelves: canadian-lit. I haven't had much luck with short story collections lately A gloriously delightful set of stories, producing a gloriously delightful reading experience. It's the perfect antidote for the most cynical of moods.

Oct 18, Marc rated it did not like it Shelves: fiction , fiction-short-story. Short story writing is apparently this authors forte. Two of ten were moderately interesting and none had interesting endings. A short story needs a strong end, at least in my books, and the Cary Fagan endings were worse than a limp handshake.

The ape army would then leave for the forest after giving their warning to the humans. Later on, the human Malcolm would enter the Ape Village leading to him being captured by Luca and the other Gorilla Guardians who would drag him through the village and bring him for Caesar to pass his judgment. Blue Eyes would growl at the human for disobeying his father's warning but is forced to watch as his father spares the human and allows him and his group to work on the city dam. Blue Eyes would speak with his father about his decision saying that he agrees with Koba about humans being evil and how they should finish them off.

Caesar attempts to explain to his son that not all humans are bad but Blue Eyes refuses to listen and stalks off much to Caesar's utter annoyance.

When Caesar agrees to help Malcolm and his family, Blue Eyes accompanies him and his uncles, Maurice and Rocket and carries his little brother, Cornelius. When Cornelius climbs out of his arms and off the horse, Blue Eyes hurries after him and stops and watches nervously as the little one interacts with Ellie and Alexander before he wanders over to a supply box, revealing a hidden gun. Blue Eyes leaps into action and rescues his little brother from Carver who threatens to kill him as well only to be punched by Caesar who threatens the humans with the exposed weapon before throwing it over the dam wall and ordering them to leave.

Blue Eyes is present when Malcolm and Ellie enter the family home to apologize for Carver's behavior. He watches as the humans plead with Caesar to help Cornelia, who is very sick. He tries to dissuade his father for continuing to allow humans in their territory only to be ignored when his father says the apes will help the humans, Blue Eyes firmly states that he will not help the humans.

He remains in the village sharpening spears with the younger apes until Koba returned to tell Caesar that the humans are more dangerous than he thought. The bonobo then asked Blue Eyes where his father is. Blue Eyes told Koba he is at the dam with the humans. Blue Eyes then accompanies Koba, Grey and Stone to the dam where he watches Koba angrily confronts Caesar stating that humans had attacked his sons and yet he still lets them work.

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Koba goes on ranting that Caesar loves humans more than apes and his sons, which caused Caesar to lash out and attack Koba. Blue Eyes watching this unsure of who to help until his father stopped himself from beating Koba stating "Ape not kill ape" law. Koba asked Caesar to forgive him and leaves the dam afterwards. Blue Eyes glared at his father. At night, in the Ape Village Blue Eyes is seen eating until his father tries to speak with him about humans but Blue Eyes to caught up in what with Koba has told him stalks off much to Caesar's dismay.

The teen then goes to sit by a sulking Koba who tells him to protect his father as he believes his Caesar love for humans has clouded his judgment to the point of where he won't listen to reason to which Blue Eyes agrees. Later on, the apes and humans celebrate the restoration of power of San Francisco in the Ape Village.

Blue Eyes is shown bemoaning the events remembering the fight his father had with Koba but his spirits are lifted when he sees his sick mother emerge from their home.

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Blue Eyes runs and embraces Cornelia happy that she is now okay and able to walk. His happiness was to be cut short when the sound of a gunshot, from a hidden Koba who used a gun acquired from the city, and he saw his father fall from their home. The Ape Village was then set ablaze, by Grey secretly, forcing the apes to flee for dear lives. Blue Eyes then appears with Carver's baseball cap and gun, showing it to the colony. Koba, appearing out of nowhere is given the items the bonobo while assuming leadership states that the humans assassinated their king and burned the village.

He then commands the apes to fight back and attack the humans while they still have the chance. Koba approaches the saddened Blue Eyes, telling him that they will avenge his father, believing his father to truly be dead decides to join in the assault of attacking the San Francisco shelter.

The ape army would attack the city's armory and would steal all the weapons before moving to launch a full assault on the shelter. Once they reached the gate, they are confronted by the human militia guarding the wall. A huge battle breaks out resulting the in the deaths of many apes and humans as well causing chaos to the already damaged city in the process.

Koba would then steal a tank which allowed the apes to enter the city and chase or terrorize defenseless humans. As he enters the city with his people, Blue Eyes while holding Ash back saw the utter horror and madness that his father would not condone.

The Apes Wife and Other Stories The Apes Wife and Other Stories
The Apes Wife and Other Stories The Apes Wife and Other Stories
The Apes Wife and Other Stories The Apes Wife and Other Stories
The Apes Wife and Other Stories The Apes Wife and Other Stories
The Apes Wife and Other Stories The Apes Wife and Other Stories
The Apes Wife and Other Stories The Apes Wife and Other Stories
The Apes Wife and Other Stories The Apes Wife and Other Stories

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