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Effects of leaf soluble sugars content and net photosynthetic rate of quince donor shoots on subsequent morphogenesis in leaf explants M. Mingozzi , Stefano Morini , M.

Maize Cultivation-Package of practice

Lucchesini , A. Maize tissue culture plant regeneration ability can be improved by polyethylene glycol treatment M. Abdel-Rahman , Jack M. Metabolome variability in crop plant species--when, where, how much and so what? Metabolite profiling of maize grain: differentiation due to genetics and environment Richard M.

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Interpretation of Mass Spectra Fred W. The production of callus capable of plant regeneration from immature embryos of numerous Zea mays genotypes David R. Duncan , Mark E. Williams , Brent E. Zehr , Jack M. Among plant science researchers, maize has the second largest research community, trailing only the Arabidopsis community. Despite the size and scope of this community, a comprehensive book on the biology of maize — targeting genetics, genomics or overall biology - has not been published.

The Maize Handbook

Hence, a modern and comprehensive volume on the status and future of maize as a species for biological study is highly warranted. Handbook of Maize: Its Biology centers on the past, present and future of maize as a model for plant science research and crop improvement. The book includes brief, focused chapters from the foremost maize experts and features a succinct collection of informative images representing the maize germplasm collection.

Jeff Bennetzen, Ph. He has studied the structure and evolution of the maize genome for the last 28 years.

Handbook of Maize: Its Biology | Jeff L. Bennetzen | Springer

Sarah Hake, Ph. She has worked on maize throughout her scientific career.

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The book is delightful to read … which is supplemented with a large selection of literature references. Kynast, Annals of Botany, Vol. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Life Sciences Plant Sciences. Enter pincode. Usually delivered in days?

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  • The Maize Handbook represents the collective efforts of the maize research community to enumerate the key steps of standard procedures and to disseminate these protocols for the common good. Although the material in this volume is drawn from experience with maize, many of the procedures, protocols, and descriptions are applicable to other higher plants, particularly to other grasses.

    Genetics and Genomics

    The power and resolution of experiments with maize depend on the wide range of specialized genetic techniques and marked stocks; these materials are available today as the culmination of nearly years of genetic research. A major goal of this volume is to introduce this genetical legacy and to highlight current stock construction programs that will soon benefit our work, e.

    Both stock construction and maintenance are relatively straightforward in maize as a result of the ease of crossing and the longevity of stored seeds.

    The Maize Handbook The Maize Handbook
    The Maize Handbook The Maize Handbook
    The Maize Handbook The Maize Handbook
    The Maize Handbook The Maize Handbook
    The Maize Handbook The Maize Handbook
    The Maize Handbook The Maize Handbook
    The Maize Handbook The Maize Handbook

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