The Seasons of a Womans Life

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Seasons of a Woman's Life - Dinner Show

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Literary Agent. Estrogen levels off and then declines.

The Seasons Of A Woman's Life

We still have some energy and we still feel like taking on the world; just maybe with a little less enthusiasm. This is where ovulation occurs. Estrogen rises a bit, and progesterone increases. Our egg travels down the fallopian tube in hopes of increasing in size. We are more peaceful inside and possibly more sexually assertive. But then our energy lessens and our emotions might become a bit conflicted. If no egg was fertilized, our brain signals estrogen and progesterone to vacate the building.


During this time women may be feeling empty as the empty space inside of them increases from departing hormones. This is not the best time to host a party in your home. Hormones are leaving as well as the endometrial lining that formed in our uterus to prepare a cozy place for an egg to grow. Our period starts. These are the days to allow ourselves to slow down, take a nap or a bubble bath, have a glass of wine, watch some Netflix. Let your body relax.

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Learning about my cycles has been so fascinating to me! Every woman has a tendency to feel this way during these seasons; our bodies are doing crazy amounts of work inside of us!

What we experience throughout our whole life is illustrated during each month between adolescence and menopause. It has been SO helpful and so freeing for me to understand myself better in just gaining insight on what is happening inside of my body. It can give me and my spouse knowledge about what is going on inside and how that is affecting me outwardly. Make notes on your calendar each month so you know where you are in the seasons.

What happens when we try to ignore these seasons in our body is that we are living disconnected with ourselves. I am my body, just as much as I am my spirit, soul, emotions, dreams, desires, and personality.

Seasons of a Woman’s Life - Servants of Grace

It may just mean that my hormone levels are low. Be kind to yourself and to others. Allow yourself to be tired and low something that I have a hard time with. Hormones affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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If you want to learn more, connect with a naturopath, gynecologist, or hormone specialist. The power of words is huge when speaking life over ourselves. Be kind to yourself. Your body is doing a lot of work and it might need some encouragement. Thank God for making you a woman, to be a woman is a glorious thing.

The Seasons of a Womans Life The Seasons of a Womans Life
The Seasons of a Womans Life The Seasons of a Womans Life
The Seasons of a Womans Life The Seasons of a Womans Life
The Seasons of a Womans Life The Seasons of a Womans Life
The Seasons of a Womans Life The Seasons of a Womans Life
The Seasons of a Womans Life The Seasons of a Womans Life
The Seasons of a Womans Life The Seasons of a Womans Life

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